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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Đek’s involvement in marine insurance business on 30th of August we organized dinner party for our loyal partners, associates and friends. About 50 guests gathered in festive atmosphere at elegant Hrast restaurant in Poreč to celebrate this notable accomplishment and sometimes spiny, but successful path of Đek and his team within marine insurance world.

The beginning was humble - at that time Đek signed his first insurance policy through Austrian Yacht-Pool branch and Allianz, and five years later he signed the first policy through Croatian branch of Yacht-Pool and Allianz. Development of nautical tourism in the region and wise business decisions brought our company - Yacht-Pool d.o.o. - to a status of the most famous and largest insurance agency in Croatia for recreational boats and yachts. Adaptation to the latest business and market trends led also to a brand transformation into today’s trademark - Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija.

Our guests were able to enjoy a carefully selected menu consisting of seven-course seafood based delicacies, with the exception of dessert. Each dish was served with appropriate high-quality wine from the best Istrian winemakers. Pleasant long-hour gathering “flew by”, recalling numerous past events and moments during respectable 25-year period, and was concluded with a wish to reunite on the occasion of next anniversary of Yacht-Pool Ltd.


Proslava 25. obljetnice Premium Yacht Insurance by Đek Šurija

25. godina PYI

Svečana večera restoran Hrast Poreč Premium Yacht Insurance

obljetnica 25. godina Đek Šurija u nautičkim osiguranjima

Proslava 25. obljetnice Đekova bavljenja nautičkim osiguranjima

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