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Risk Management and Cutting Risk



What is it about?
It is about "Cutting Risk" and "Risk Management".


What does that have to do with insurance?
Insurance is in fact the oldest method of Cutting Risk and final step in Risk Management.


To whom is it intended for Cutting Risk and Risk Management?
It is intended for Premium Yacht Insurance business partners.


Now that we have satisfied the initial curiosity, we should say something about the risks themselves, but also about how Premium Yacht Insurance can help about them.
Risks are in general well-known issue, so those who know much about them will be familiar with the following sentences. Nevertheless, risks in each particular activity or business are specific subject which requires expert knowledge in respective scope as well as knowledge about risk management.


What in fact is the risk and how to manage it?
Risk can be defined as: the risk of loss or danger (distress), exposure to incident, accident or to the failure, but also it means daring venture and gambling, possibility of loss or injury, or simply - damage for which insurance compensation is being paid. Each project and project team, each business and in general every entrepreneurial venture, they are all facing risks.
Therefore, the quality risk management is one of the basic factors of any successful driven businesses. Risk management models are the result of a discipline dealing with the prevention, prediction and monitoring of risks. For each risk is being defined a detailed plan according to which will be processed if the risk occurs.
By itself, the risk is neither good nor bad, and is not something that must be avoided by all means. Risk should not be afraid of, because it is something we can control and what we can manage with. Experts for Risk management are assuring that well processed risks represent an opportunity and not a threat.


PYI Risk Management is intended for the risks that can be controlled, while PYI Cutting Risk is for the risk which can not be managed. Together with PYI Risk Insurance, for those risks left after management and cutting, risk protection is completed in the best possible manner existing today.

Premium Yacht Insurance offers to the business partners education and project development for:
• Risk Identification,
• Qualitative Risk Analysis,
• Quantitative Risk Analysis,
• Risk Monitoring and Control,
• Risk Management Planning,
• Risk Response Planning.


Risk Management, Cutting Risks and Risk Insurance are enhancing service quality and pleasure quality for the client.


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