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The instructions in case of accident

(Failure to follow these instructions can result to the non-recognition of insurance coverage)


  1. Accident must be reported immediately to Premium Yacht Insurance 24-hours hot-line phone/fax number 052-432-230, GSM (cellular phone) number 098-366-223, and then later in written form within reasonable time.
  2. In case your boat needs rescuing by other ships, you are obliged to agree on compensation for rescue in advance, that means before the rescue. The agreement needs to be in written form and contain a clause: NO CURE - NO PAY (which means there is no payment in case of unsuccessful rescue).
  3. Try to prevent further and larger damages.
  4. In case of damage you need to collect following:
    • notification of an accident at Port Authority with a description of the accident, the cause, and a description of the damage,
    • sketch of the accident,
    • names and addresses of accident participants,
    • names and addresses of accident witnesses,
    • address and file number at the police station in charge,
    • original invoices, payment slips, etc.,
    • estimated value of damage.
  5. In case of collision:
    • other participant in the collision should be consented on joint application of maritime accident and written description of accident at Port Authority.
    • collision participant should confirm guilt in writing form.
  6. In case of accidents during transport you need to:
    • collect transportation sheets, orders for boarding, etc.,
    • have a written boat owner authorization (from the contract of carriage) to insurers,
    • have a statement by carrier on the manner and conditions of transport before any damage occurr:
      with transport by rail: official railway report;
      with transport by truck: the driver statement and carrier opinion.
  7. For damages caused by fire, explosion, burglary and theft you must inform the nearest police station and request a written report of the damage. When damage incurred abroad, be sure to inform the police station in the place of your residence.
  8. Selling of damaged and insured items before damage regulation, without the permission of the insurer, is not allowed.
  9. It is necessary to comply with the rules of maritime law of the state where the damage occurred.


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