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Group study tour to France

It is already well know that we at Yacht-Pool always try to provide more to our customers. In the same manner we take care of our business partners and are constantly trying to improve their work, as well as our cooperation, and for the benefit and satisfaction of all involved. For this purpose we have already organized numerous workshops, seminars and other meetings, but also several nice gatherings such as group study tours with a more relaxed atmosphere.

From 2nd to 7th of October 2016. we organized one such group study tour with business-excursion character to France, actually to the north-western part of this charming country, very outlandish and interesting to us, more oriented towards Mediterranean. Business part of the trip included visit to the renowned Dufour boatyards, with detailed introduction to all the building stages of these popular sailing boats, as well as visit to the largest French boat show, Le Grand Pavois, held in La Rochelle - marine capital of the French Atlantic coast.

Our diverse, but relaxed and entertaining group of thirty people discovered many interesting things and learned something new. At the same time we visited many lovely towns, had a lot of fun (sometimes until the early morning hours) and enjoyed the beauty of the France. Among other things, we visited famous Cognac town where in Martell distillery we learned all about cognac production, and after that trip took us to Rouen, capital of Normandy, where we found grandiose Notre Dame cathedral and place where Jeanne d'Arc was burnt.

Another large cathedral dating to 13th century greeted us in nice town of Amiens, capital of Picardie region. In neighbouring Champagne-Ardenne region and its centre, town of Reims, we acquainted with process of making proper French champagne wine. For this purpose we visited famous, 200-year old winery Maison Mumm. The last day we were welcomed by evermore fantastic Paris with its wide avenues and countless sights and monuments. Despite noticeable fatigue we did not give up but persisted until the end.

In the end of the trip everybody was thrilled by extraordinary experience and was thinking over about next study tours' destination. During the trip new friendships were made together with several new business cooperations, so we were very pleased to see the smiles that did not get off people's faces all the way.

Le Grand Pavois Yacht-Pool La RochelleYacht-Pool group study tour DufourGroup study tour Dufour France Yacht-PoolGroup study tour boatyard Dufour France Yacht-Pool 2016Group study tour Dufour France Yacht-Pool sailing boat in the build phaseYacht-Pool Group study tour France 2016. NormandieYacht-Pool Group study tour France La Rochelle 2016Yacht-Pool Group study tour France winery Mumm champagneGroup study tour France Yacht-Pool 2016. restaurantGroup study tour Yacht-Pool 2016 France gatheringYacht-Pool 2016. Group study tour France angelYacht-Pool team Đek, Miško, Marijan in Paris 2016 group study tour

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