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21st Internautica boat show 2016.

Yacht-Pool has once again participated at the 21th Internautica boat show held from Wednesday, 4th to Sunday, 8th of May in Marina Portorož. The show gathered some of the most important names of the international boating industry.

On our well attended stand we presented all of our insurance and other products and services, especially our marine insurance, leading in the Adriatic. In addition to compulsory boat and hull insurance, it includes a whole range of additional coverage for boats, skipper and crew as well, thus completing most comprehensive marine insurance on the market. Yacht-Pool has been recognized by many Slovenian sailors as well which we hosted with pleasure during the show.

Furthermore, we have actively participated in the events at the show together with our partners, making it more dynamic and interesting. Our efforts we had put in their organization were successful and have borne great interest of visitors but also confirmed that our hard work paid off.

In cooperation with Adriatic Wave company, dealer for renowned Italian boatyard Absolute, on Friday afternoon we organized festive gathering named "Adriatic Premiere Party" and on the occasion of Adriatic premiere of a luxury yacht, Absolute Navetta 52. She captured the attention of all the gathered with her distinctive style, modern technology and spaciousness but also with extraordinary efficiency in navigation. Pleasure was even greater with delicious finger food and fine Degrassi wine served.

Apart from this pleasurable event, Yacht-Pool together with several partners also organized two important nautical events within our Safety at Sea program, safety concept designed to increase the level of security during boaters' stay at sea.

Consequently, on Friday and Saturday we held two interesting demonstrations during which visitors were able to check the functioning of safety systems and equipment in practice. All these products we recommend to our clients and partners.

Demonstrations took place on the sea area within the boat show and included activation of distress flares and smoke signals, presentation on how to use ordinary and auto-inflatable life jackets when you jump in the water, as well as activation of life raft and rescuing "people in trouble" from the sea into the rescue boat. Participants in this demonstration were our loyal partners, the largest Mediterranean network for assistance and support service at sea, EmergenSea, as well as Marina Stores company, the largest domestic chain of stores of nautical goods and safety equipment by Lalizas.

Safety at Sea program is fully in line with our philosophy because from the first day of our business we pay special attention to raise the level of safety of navigation, introducing modern services and assistance to boaters in the prevention of disasters and accidents, as well as in the rescue process when the need arises.

Yacht-Pool stand Internautica 2016.Yacht-Pool Adriatice Premiere Party Absolute Navetta 52Adriatic Premiere Party Đek Šurija and Mario CakarYacht-Pool Adriatic Premier Party overview from Absolute Navetta 52Internautica 2016. Adriatic Premiere Party Adriatic WaveAdriatic Premiere Party Internautica 2016. Absolute Navetta 52Yacht-Pool Internautica 2016. Safety at Sea demonstrationInternautica 2016. Safety at Sea demonstration rescue boatSafety at Sea Internautica 2016. demonstration of life raftInternautica 2016. Safety at Sea Yacht-Pool audienceInternautica 2016. Safety at Sea Emergensea Yacht-Pool presentationInternautica 2016. Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea Lalizas Marina Stores

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