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What is CODRESS and QS4MIB?

Given that we wanted to complement our service of marine insurance agent, from the very beginning and in addition to insurance policy contracting, we also provided damage claim resolving. To the satisfaction of our customers and our partners in the process of claim resolving, it was evident that our efforts were very successful so it became basic element of our customers' goodwill and main advantage in comparison to the competition.

Since damage claim resolving is a very complex process, especially including all the elements as offered by Premium Yacht Insurance, the process involves several partners and its managing is very demanding as well. Especially if we want customer not only to be satisfied with compensation, but also to be efficiently and quickly paid-off. Therefore we at Premium Yacht Insurance created system CODRESS (Complete Damage Resolving Support System), which required incorporation in several different working processes, at their different stages. So we had to completely restructure our existing working methods and IT system that supports it.

The result is QS4MIB (Quality Standards For Marine Insurance Brokers) - quality standard for working processes performed within our company, but also for the processes performed in cooperation with our partners.

CODRESS is functionally integrated in the main working process of Premium Yacht Insurance as a part of QS4MIB, so planning and control of all the steps of main and dependent processes may be performed even at lowest operative levels. Thus at any time it is possible to detect not only current performing status, but also who is responsible for it. This is possible due to precisely specified points and modes of responsibility transfer during performing of all the working processes.

By all this we achieved measurable quality of service providing to the customers as well as compliance of operational matrix in cooperation with partners. We are very proud to have developed this new process platform.


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