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Anniversary: 25 years of PYI

This year Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija is celebrating a very valuable anniversary - 25 years of being involved in marine insurance sector, hence, we are using this opportunity to summarize out first quarter of century.

Our Jack Šurija, founder and owner of the company, as a marine engineer and court expert for boats he recognized a large potential of nautical tourism in Croatia, at that time still young country. Consequently, after the career as the merchant navy officer, he decided to settle down on firm land and to engage in recreational boating, charter and ultimately in marine insurance. What then followed was a wholly natural course of things and during the years he became the most famous and successful marine insurance agent in Croatia, by virtue of considerable experience as a skipper, knowledge of several foreign languages and yachtsmen as well as business insight. Jack didn’t “reinvent the wheel” but he took over the proven business concept from western countries and adjusted to domestic market.

So he initiated first specialized marine insurance on the eastern Adriatic coast and has since then successfully performed as an intermediary between boaters and sailors on one side, and large insurance companies on the other. These companies usually lack specialized departments for marine and boat insurance, as well as experienced employees who would be completely familiar with complex nautical and marine issues. Jack therefore managed to overcome that gap thanks to his vast education and experience and established himself as an important link between those two contrary parties. Simultaneously he was protecting interests of both parties, minimizing expensive and long-lasting disputes among them and has even succeeded to impose his own insurance terms and conditions. They were tailored to meet the expectations of both sides but also adjusted to a specific Adriatic sailing conditions for recreational boating and charter.

Obviously, he didn’t stop there, but his agile and restless spirit pushed him to launch various initiatives and activities for improving nautical business and offerings in Croatia. At the same time he was developing his company Yacht-Pool d.o.o., better known nowadays under the brand Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija. His professional personnel and associates have been helping him along the way, and many of them posses broad boating experience as well. Together they identified certain particular needs and requirements of recreational boaters and boat owners, so it was no miracle they stood out as an immaculate intermediaries who had the knowledge and power to protect their interests and often very valuable assets such as expensive boats and yacht.

In addition, Premium Yacht Insurance has provided insurance companies with the best and most comprehensive terms and conditions for insurance policies in the Adriatic and beyond. It has also been known for active help and mediation in case of marine accidents and damage claims, enabling quick and efficient application and reimbursement process. Thereby PYI built its good reputation which they still cherish by constantly adapting the business to new requirements and challenges of the market and customers, private or commercial. Modernization of products and services as well as creating new ones, together with maintaining professional and kind relationship with customers, will be in focus of the company’s attitude.

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