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Boat Insurance:

Compulsory liability insurance in...

Compulsory liability insurance of motor boat or yacht owner or user from liabilities for damages to third parties is in accordance with Art. 68. of Law of Compulsory insurance in traffic.

Third party liability insurance

This third party liability insurance covers the damages that You are liable for, and which are caused to other persons or their belongings by You or authorized user of Your boat.

Hull insurance (boat casco)

Hull insurance (boat casco) covers material damages which have occurred on the boat insured by hull insurance. Terms of insurance can be freely arranged between the vessel owner and the insurer.

Accident insurance for crew

Accident insurance for crew represents insurance of skipper, crew and passengers from high financial consequences of the accident.

Boat seizure insurance

Boaters who sail abroad, in case of an accident they have caused resulting with injured persons, are in general faced with boat seizure until situation in relation to claims from liability is clarified

Profit loss insurance in charter

Profit loss insurance in charter

Propulsion system insurance (drive...

Propulsion system insurance covers the so-called drive damages on propulsion system and generator.

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