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Accident insurance for crew

Accident insurance for crew represents insurance of skipper, crew and passengers from high financial consequences of the accident, and it covers all the costs for permanent disability, death, or for temporary consequences of the accident, no matter who caused the accident, and it even includes costs of rescue.



To use someone else's liability insurance policy in the occasion of accident may be problematic, especially abroad. If You can not use third party liability insurance policy for occurrence of high costs in case of loss of life, hospital stay or even disability or earnings loss, accidents may cost You a fortune.

In addition, it is important to know that if You cause the accident, Your crew through liability insurance is not insured. It is also important to know that Your relatives through compulsory liability insurance are not multiply insured if You are guilty for the accident.

Accident insurance for crew therefore covers all the costs, regardless of Your own or guilt of third party, in case of disability and death, as well as costs of injured rescue. Therefore, accident insurance for crew protects You and Your boat crew from all the listed accident consequences.

Warning: The amount of insurance is divided by number of persons which were on board at the moment of accident. It means if there were 4 persons on board, and one had accident, this person will receive 1/4 of chosen insurance amount. So choose a high enough amount of Your insurance.


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