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What is Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija?

Main occupation of Premium Yacht Insurance is to provide boat insurance for private owners and charter companies. For our own customers and members we have developed the most favourable insurance terms.

Is Premium Yacht Insurance an insurance company...?

No, it is not. Premium Yacht Insurance provides its members professional support within conclusion of boat insurance policies, charter insurance and insurance of professional activities in nautical business. We are insurance representative (agent). Through Premium Yacht Insurance our customers conclude insurance policies with some of the renowned insurance companies: Wiener Osiguranje - Vienna Insurance Group d.d. and Allianz Zagreb d.d.

Why is it better to conclude insurance policy at Premium Yacht Insurance and not directly at the insurance company?

In the diverse world of insurance Premium Yacht Insurance has exclusively specialized for boat and yacht insurance and created its own insurance terms, which have been acknowledged and accepted by insurance companies. These terms were tailor-made exactly for yachts and yachtsmen, while based on knowledge of boat building, maritime and insurance law, nautical business and as well as on more than thirty years of systematized experience of more than 30.000 boaters who navigate all around the world. Based on such experience expert knowledge was created which provided great help to formulate the most appropriate terms for boats and boat owners.

Some people think it is not necessary to insure their boat.

Experience tells us that uninsured boat is always a kind of temporary condition. Let's compare: can we think of our new car being uninsured?! Boat is usually worth much more and operates in much more risky conditions.

Who actually issues the insurance policy to the customer - Premium Yacht Insurance or insurance company?

Premium Yacht Insurance issues the insurance company policy to its customer. However, at the same time Premium Yacht Insurance customer is also a member of the association, and therefore Premium Yacht Insurance provides him 24-hour Help-line.

What does 24-hour Help line mean?

First of all, this means support in case of accident. Hence, we advise and give instructions to our customers how to act in case of accident, and we printed special instruction which you get along with insurance policy. In addition, we make assessment of damage, we advise on the choice of boat repair yard, type of required repair procedures and interventions, spare parts, service prices or other services... Our members we also inform about: navigational safety regulations, anchorages, marinas, service companies, dry-docks... then we organize professional meetings for yachtsmen on different nautical topics, we advise them when selecting and purchasing of appropriate equipment for yachts, and also when buying a new or used yacht and we can estimate its market value.

Do your insurance policies and contracts include small-printed letters?

Our slogan is: We hate small-printed letters, hence our insurance terms are easily visible and distinct.

How come the insurance company have accepted the collaboration with Premium Yacht Insurance?

This collaboration is of their interest. Premium Yacht Insurance members, boat owners, are respectively successful, respected and well-known people. They already are or could become customers for other types of insurance which are offered by insurance companies. But, above all, through Premium Yacht Insurance the number of clients is growing faster while the number of litigations has been reduced to a minimum.

Who are our customers, members of Premium Yacht Insurance?

Our customers are from all nationalities, boat owners who use their boats by themselves or give them to the charter-management, the participants of regattas, the skippers, charter clients, in one word - boaters, people who love the sea and are in love with their boat. Out customers are also different companies, leasing and charter companies.

Who is eng. Jack Šurija?

He is the owner of Premium Yacht Insurance, manager of Yacht-Pool company for insurance representing, and apart from aforementioned, he is also a court expert witness and valuer for boats. He completed Maritime high school and Nautical college in Piran and became engineer of maritime traffic. As a Merchant Navy officer he circumnavigated the globe for several times, and now sails yachts as a skipper and enjoys with friends and family. Twenty-year experience in running a charter company, knowledge of yachtsmen' habits and knowledge of foreign languages help him a lot in the business.

In which languages can the Premium Yacht Insurance boat insurance policies be concluded?

In Croatian, English and German.

In which languages can be realised conversation on the 24-hour Help-line?

In Croatian, English, German, French, Italian and Slovenian language.

Do you in Premium Yacht Insurance love your job?

Yes, we love our job and use this opportunity to salute all the yachtsmen by our traditional greeting:


"Let under keel of Your yacht always be at least two fingers of free sea water!"


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