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Skipper&crew insurance:

Liability insurance of skippers, crew...

However, the skipper is also a human which may incorrectly assess dangerous situation and unintentionally cause damage to the boat or injury to crew member or even to third parties.

Insurance of legal defence costs

Regarding legal defence of skipper, crew members and passangers, it can be applied often mentioned catchword "Justice is more expensive than health".

Personal accident insurance -...

This type of insurance covers accidents of insured (skipper, crew members and passengers) while operating the boat, regardless of who caused the accident (own or someone else's guilt).

Guarantee and deposit insurance in...

To every skipper seizure of the boat is like a worst nightmare, and it becomes more and more serious problem, particularly in Mediterranean countries.

Insurance of consequential damages

Some charter contracts include finely written regulations which define skipper and crew as responsible for loss of income from charter boat that was involved in accident, and therefore caused damage has to be repaired for which time boat can not be chartered.

Insurance of expenses arising from...

Each planned trip does not always have to be realized, so, for example, if the skipper is prevented at the last moment, the whole long-awaited sailing venture may go down the drain.

Insurance of personal luggage

Big risk of losing valuable personal things, for example due to the theft or falling overboard, may cause considerable damage, however, by insuring personal luggage it is at least possible to financially compensate loss of them.

Insurance of loss of deposit of the...

Before setting sails from charter base, skipper or one of crew members usually pays pretty large amount of security deposit by credit card at a charter company's office, while otherwise he may make the insurance for the quite low price.

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