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Insurance of loss of deposit of the vessel renter (skipper, crew members and passangers)

Before setting sails from charter base, skipper or one of crew members usually pays pretty large amount of security deposit by credit card at a charter company's office, while otherwise he may make the insurance for the quite low price. The advantage of this insurance is that for a relatively affordable amount of premium all the crew members may collect money just before charter starts, at the charter base, which means quite a small amount for each member of the crew.

Also, some persons do not want to leave blank credit card slips at the charter company office, so this method of solving sometimes knotty problem is very useful. Deposit insurance may be made in advance or on the spot in almost all charter bases, and then the insurance policy is used as a guarantee instead of deposit payment for chartered boat. Insured amount per one damage/loss event may vary from 500 to 3000 euro, while premium starts with 61 euro and at the same time with deductible limit from 50 euro.

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