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Personal accident insurance - insurance from consequences of accident

This type of insurance covers accidents of insured (skipper, crew members and passengers) while operating the boat, regardless of who caused the accident (own or someone else's guilt). Most often it is about injuries, and covered are also risks of salvation expenses, corpse transport costs to the fatherland in case of death or injuries resulting from accident at sea abroad. It is important to note that rescuing expenses in case of accident at sea may be very high, so it is reasonable to take care in advance, while skipper and crew are still on land.

Insured values may vary from 155.000 to 770.000 euro in case of permanent disability, salvation expenses are permanently covered up to 60.000 euro, as well as insured value in case of death up to 77.000 euro. Premium depends on the amount of insured value for this coverage and starts from 40 euro. It should be emphasized that insurance coverage is not valid only for one certain navigation, e.g. charter week, but it is valid for one whole year no matter how often skipper operates another's boat.

Personal accident insurance skipper can contract for himself personally or for himself and whole crew, and it is important for its coverage of expenses no matter who the offender is, in case of disability and/or death. It is wise to have it since liability insurance is not valid if it is not about guilt or if injured is family member, but also because accidents may cost a fortune unless skipper and crew may refer to someone else's responsibility. The insurance peculiarity is that it is tailor made to suite specific needs of the charter crew, so for example, skipper's accident insurance is valid also in case when accident did not occur, but the skipper is in danger at sea and has to conduct salvation expenses of which may easily unpredictably accumulate.

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