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Insurance of legal defence costs

Regarding legal defence of skipper, crew members and passangers, it can be applied often mentioned catchword "Justice is more expensive than health". To be right is one thing, but to get confession from the other side that you are right - that is completely another thing. No one skipper can be sure that one day he will not have to prove justice, which may be very expensive, especially in disputes abroad where lawyer's costs usually should be paid in advance. Therefore, it is wise to have legal defence costs covered, just in case.

Insured are skipper and crew members as authorized users of a boat not in their possession. Provided is also legal protection for effectuation of reimbursement (for realization of claims on the basis of liability rights), legal protection for defence in criminal litigations concerning boat accident or violation of criminal legislation in relation with navigation), legal protection in the seizure of navigation license, just as extended coverage for reimbursement of costs for legal appeal to the Adiministrative or Constitutional Court.

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