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Guarantee and deposit insurance in case of temporary seizure of the boat

To every skipper seizure of the boat is like a worst nightmare, and it becomes more and more serious problem, particularly in Mediterranean countries. Namely, in case of accident at sea, regarding actual claims but often also possible future claims, which may be set by accident participants on the basis of skipper's liability, it could happen that authorities seize the boat until the claim is resolved, and it may last for some time. However, especially in case of accidents with persons injured, authorities may apply criminal-law actions. In such a case, for example, bailment may obtain temporary exemption from prosecution.

Skpper is insured in a way that possible amounts, which insured has to bail to be temporarily exempted from prosecution, have to be paid in advance (criminal bail). Insured value is limited to 50.000 up to a maximum of 200.000 euro, and premium starts with 20 euro. Prerequisite for this type of insurance is contract of skipper's liability insurance.

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