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Yacht-Pool changed its slogan to Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija

One more year has come to its end, a year of successful cooperation during which we have insured thousands of boats, helped to compensate for hundreds of damages... and thus for years. During all these years we have also been building a special relationship with our customers and business partners, and we are convinced we managed to build the trust in our team.

There were some significant changes in the past year, especially concerning our team, which has led us to an extra effort and to even more advocate for our clients' and business partners' benefits. Namely, we have concluded our long-term cooperation with Yacht-Pool which we have established in Croatia and region as a well-know brand. In addition, we never stopped developing it, but now the time has come to move on independently, with fully-spread sails and with "at least two fingers of clearance under your keel"!

So ahead of us is a new 2018. that we start with somewhat reduced, but well-known, good old team, as well as with the existing, strong support of company Wiener osiguranje - Vienna Insurance Group d.d., Zagreb. The name of our company still remains Yacht-Pool d.o.o. for insurance representation, headquarters is at the same address and all of our contact data is unchanged. But we have new brand and slogan of our team under the name Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija.

New year offers new possibilities and chances as well, and we will do our best to utilize them to the maximum for the benefit of all. Hence, we are looking forward to future cooperation and we promise we will put additional effort to be even better as well as to justify the trust gained through the years.

Because all the successful deals are made together with people in which you can trust. And we are the people who make the difference!

We wish you happy and successful New 2018!

Your Premiun Yacht Insurance team

Jack, Kristina, Romina, Sanela, Mija, Loren, Maja i Darko


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