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Group study tour to Istanbul

For the last couple of years we have been organizing group “study” tour for our friends and business partners in order to celebrate successful end of season. Therefore, at the beginning of November we arranged another community excursion, while for destination we chose the always interesting Istanbul. Our happy companion included 26 members, among which Premium Yacht Insurance team was represented by Kristina Mekiš Bernobić, Romina Šuran Šehanović, Maja Matušan, Sonja Skender, Loren and Darija Kubaska, Đek Šurija, as well as PYI representative in Montenegro, Nedjeljko Đuranović. Other members were our REX partners, associates - court experts and other business partners.

Professional part of the tour included a visit to the Safter boatyard in order to get know and remember a traditional, old-fashioned process of boat building, when a piece of wood hand-laminated on the hull used to form frame, stem and other boat parts, along with relatively modest protective measures which would probably not be approved in European Union. Safter builds small polyester boats and slightly larger polyethylene boats. Polyethylene is relatively rare in boat building although it is quite suitable for commercial boats, hence, Safter uses it for the needs of police, harbour master, coast guard, ambulance at the sea and other services which require sturdy and strong material, simple for maintenance.

We had also seized the opportunity to visit many unavoidable landmarks of ancient Byzantium which reveal a glorious and centuries-long history of this incredible city, located on the shores of Bosporus strait, connecting two continents, east and west. We enjoyed the picturesque and rousing streets of the old town centre, peered into two magnificent mosques, Sultan Ahmed or Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, visited wonderful Topkapi and Dolmabace Palaces, as well as absorbed colours, odours and tastes at Egyptian and Grand Bazaar. Several days in this megalopolis passed in a moment, and we returned filled up with new unforgettable experience.

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