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Displayed certificate confirms that our Jack, a longtime member of IAMI, in November 2019 has attended and completed specialized Regional Training for Marine Professionals – investigators in Henderson, Nevada state of USA!

Topics of this exceptionally meaningful seminar were very interesting and diverse and related to: insurance frauds, processes and witnesses interrogations in case of fire on board; means of investigation of boat thievery; how to find a professional help and to information about hull number (HIN) and which possibilities it provides in case of boat theft or fraud. Discussion continued on the Internet use as a means of finding evidence, while the last topic included detailed elaboration on boat collision dynamics and kinetics on specific incident cases and examples of their resolving.

It was a “typical American” training without unnecessary chatting but with a lot of examples and specific cases, facts and consequences, along with inevitable American “coffee” and donuts. Two days of intense study proved as a really useful and as a great experience which Jack complemented with a 4000 km road-trip in a typical American pick-up truck – Dodge RAM 1500. He visited Las Vegas where he celebrated his birthday, as well as four miraculous national parks and several wonderful ski resorts of Colorado!


Jack Šurija obtained IAMI certificate for Marine Professionals – investigators

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