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Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea at 17th BBS 2015.

This year's 17th Biograd Boat Show has been successfully held from 22nd to 25th of October with a lot of windy but sunny weather, which attracted a record number of visitors. This fact helped the largest Croatian nautical event to end in a very positive atmosphere, with satisfied exhibitors and visitors, as well as with the conclusion of another successful nautical season and the announcement of even better following one. Yacht-Pool has certainly contributed to the success of the fair, and traditionally we have presented large number of our diverse insurance products and other services intended for sailors and all others who in any way participate in recreational boating.

However, this year together with our partners we have actively participated in the events at the fair, making it more dynamic and interesting for visitors, and special attention was drawn to Safety at Sea program, safety concept designed to increase the level of security during boaters' stay at sea. This program is fully in line with our philosophy because from the first day of our business we pay special attention to raise the level of safety of navigation, introducing modern services and assistance to boaters in the prevention of disasters and accidents, as well as in the rescue process when the need arises.

Within the program, on the first and third day of the fair, we held two large and interesting presentations during which visitors could have checked the functioning of safety systems and equipment that we recommend to our clients and partners in reality. Boat breakdown was simulated, flares and smoke signals were activated, and then two people equipped with classic and automatic self-inflatable life jackets jumped into the sea. Then the inflatable life raft was also activated in which "people in trouble" have entered, and soon the Emergensea rescue boat rushed to help and "save" them, taking them to safety.

In this program have participated several of our partners, starting with Marina Stores company, the largest domestic chain of stores of nautical goods and safety equipment by Lalizas, which provided the classic and automatic life jackets, self-inflatable raft, flares and smoke signals. Another important partner was well-known assistance and support service at sea, Emergensea, whose services are available at all times, 24 hours a day - 365 days a year, and without them high level of safety of navigation in the Adriatic would have been unthinkable.

Third important Yacht-Pool partner, established company of Sentinel, separately held a presentation of its smart system of the same name, and whose usage can also significantly increase the safety of the boat and crew. Apart from useful functions such as boat tracking, supervision of boat's vital functions and Wi-Fi Internet system on board, the Sentinel is preparing a useful system of warning for an approaching storm, which will soon be offered on the market. This is a simple and very effective way of improving warning and communication with the sailors in order to prevent dangerous situations at sea.

The purpose of the program was to demonstrate how above mentioned safety devices and systems of help at sea actually work in practice, in those situations that are rare, but still do happen, and how to behave when they occur. Main goal is to raise the safety at sea, which has to be imperative. Furthermore, safety at sea is always an interesting topic to all sailors, and by constant education and warning of hazardous situations, as well as with practical advice and presentations how to behave and solve them, we have proven once again that Yacht Pool precedes in the protection of life and property at sea.


Yacht-Pool booth at 17th Biograd Boat Show 2015Yacht-Pool booth at the fair 17th Biograd Boat Show 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea Đek Šurija at 17th BBS 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea smoke signals at 17th BBS 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea life jackets at 17th BBS 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea people in danger at 17th BBS 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea self-inflating life raft at 17th BBS 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea inflated life raft at 17th BBS 2015.
Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea entering life raft at 17th BBS 2015.Yacht-Pool Safety at Sea Emergensea boat in action at 17th BBS 2015.




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