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Insurance of expenses arising from cancellation of charter and return travel expenses

Each planned trip does not always have to be realized, so, for example, if the skipper is prevented at the last moment, the whole long-awaited sailing venture may go down the drain. Thus inevitably incur expenses, and there is no expected equivalent value both for the skipper and crew, but also for the charter company. In order that result of scheduled charter week would not be loss of money and time for charter company, there is particular insurance from charter cancellation.

Within insurance conditions insurer provides protection if as a result appears inability of insured for the venture or if it happens that he would be unable to finish it. For example it can occur in case of death, severe accident or unexpectedly serious illnes of insured, his/her spouse, close family member, vaccine allergy, damage to property as a result of fire, natural disasters or similar situations. This insurance is particularly customized according to the needs of charter business, as to the conditions insurance from charter cancellation is applied if the skipper is not able to start charter cruise, so unexpected expenses for skipper and crew are being taken over.

Also, if the skipper is absent on board, and within a reasonable time it can not be found adequate substitute and venture has to be temporarily cancelled, expenses of unused part of charter are reimbursed, if in the meantime it is not possible to conclude another charter contrac. Insured value per one damage/loss event varies from 1000 to 10.000 euro, with deductible policy excess of 20% of the amount, while the minimum premium amounts 45 euro.

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