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Hull insurance (boat casco)

Premium Yacht Insurance hull insurance covers:

  • boat,

  • built-in parts,

  • built-in machines,

  • technical and nautical equipment

from damages, but with coverage "of all risks", and that means it is insured everything which is not explicitly stated as an exclusion. Additionally, insured are also costs to minimize damage when accident has already happened and during the rescue attempt, because in these situations may occurr additional damages. Covered are also the costs of removing and disposing of the wreck.



Hull insurance (boat casco) covers material damages which have occurred on the boat insured by hull insurance. Terms of insurance can be freely arranged between the vessel owner and the insurer. It is a chance for the boat owner but also a risk, because he should get proper terms for his needs.

To use this opportunity he should have an expert mediator who knows world of recreational and sports boating very well. This is usually in case when mediator is an active sailor too, and even better, when he also had experience in boat building sector - as is the case with our company!


It depends on what?

Generally, Insured focuses his attention more on the premium while insurance terms are given too little attention because terms are most often written as a very small letters and boring text, legally more or less unclear and almost always difficult to understand. The assumption that terms of all insurance companies are the same is wrong! It is correct that differences are sometimes difficult to recognize. But the answer to the question which exactly damage insurer covers and which not, is of crucial importance!

Insurance policy represents a product You have purchased and for which You pay the price of premium. Hence You have to consider quality of terms and insurers as well as for any other product. We have done that, and You should do the same!

Only if You do that too You can really judge whether it is a cheap insurance or not.

We are against "small letters" at the bottom of insurance terms text. Our wish is to inform You clearly and in text format that is easy readable! We want You to read our terms carefully because we have nothing to hide, but just the opposite - a lot to offer, and we would like You to comprehend.

As a skippers we have for decades been closely linked to the boat building as well as to the recreational boating. Therefore, we know what are we talking about!


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